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Billing and Coding Made Simple

Enjoy more patient focus and maximized reimbursements

Devote more time to patient priorities while you increase cash flow and stay ahead of regulatory changes with our back-office solutions.

Billing & Collections • Credentialing • Coding & Contracting

Billing & Collections

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Collect What You Earn

We manage your insurance claims and appeals as well as patient billing and collections. Are you billing for your hearing aid evaluations? Maximize your revenue — your Au.D.'s time is worth money!

Spending more time on business tasks than you do with patients? Let us handle billing and collections so you can focus on patient care.

Retain Real-Time Visibility

See your up-to-date AR reports and claim statuses anytime. Enjoy at-your-fingertips visibility into who your payers are and what they owe.

Improve Patient Relations

Ensure credibility with your patients by providing timely, accurate statements and a patient portal for online payments. Plus, we hold third-party payers to their promises.


Enjoy Faster Application Turnaround

Your applications are submitted without a hitch, every time. Our team has 15 years of experience, advanced credentialing software, and comprehensive knowledge of processing requirements.

Providing verification that you and your providers are qualified for patient care takes a lot of time — let us focus on credentialing so you can focus on practice operations.

Get Credentialing Support

Reduce Busywork

We handle the complex, time-consuming distractions, such as application preparation, submission, and follow-up. Plus, we track deadlines, renewal dates, and recredentialing requirements.

Devote Time to Priorities

Your current credentialing personnel are still valuable resources. But without all the preparation, follow-up, and tracking tasks, they can focus on process improvement, patient care, and driving revenue.

Coding & Contracting

Stay Ahead of Changes

Keep up to date on regulatory changes and get your audiology billing and compliance questions answered.

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Come Out Ahead

Your practice is in good hands during contract renegotiations with help from our contracting experts.

Leave the Headaches Behind

Get all your pressing Medicare questions answered and confidently navigate the third-party-payer landscape.

“Audigy members are very fortunate to have Debbie and her team as an in-house resource. They have provided me with invaluable insight and information to help me understand the hows and whys of filing claims that actually get paid.”

— Gina Trant, Hearing Healthcare, Practice Manager

Debbie Abel, Au.D.

Manager of Coding & Contract Services

“I highly recommend Audigy for all of your credentialing needs and contract questions. I consider the small fees associated with what they do a bargain — more time back for me and my team to focus on the future!”

— Ashley Mitchell, First Coast Hearing Clinic

Are you ready to simplify your billing, coding, and credentialling process and devote more time to patient care?

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